tattoo designs


NFTatts utility:
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Commercial / Personal Use

By owning an NFTatt you have rights to use and replicate the design for personal and commercial use. Get it tatted or make some merch. You can do whatever you want with it!

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Airdrops to Holders

By HODLing NFTatts you are eligible for future airdrops. More art will go into the holders’ wallets as a way to thank you for believing in the future of NFTatts.

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Full Ownership

By buying art on the blockchain you'll have full proof of ownership and can resell on the secondary market once 500 sell out.

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community blue chip
nft vault

30% of the secondary sales royalties will be used to acquire 'BlueChip' NFTs that will be fractionalized and community owned. Purchases and decisions will be made in a  private discord channel.  

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VIP NFTatt pass

Gold, Diamond and Galaxy NFTatt holders get an exclusive perk to request a personalized tattoo design.  Access will be granted through a  private Discord channel in order to request your custom design and once complete your tatt is  airdropped  to your wallet (max size: 4”x4”). 

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ALL Holders get exclusive access to private live illustration sessions with our founder @walking_designs where you can request a tattoo design on the spot.

Image by Katie Harp

total supply 2250

core 71.11%

rare 18.89%

super rare 7.33%

diamond 1.11%

gold 0.89%

galaxy 0.67%

Total 1600:  8 editions per design

Total 425: 5 editions per design

Total 165:  3 editions per design

Total 25:  exclusive 1 of 1 designs

Total 20: exclusive 1 of 1 designs

Total 15: exclusive 1 of 1 designs

rarity features


the roadmap

✍️Phase 1: Sketch 

☑️ Website Launch

☑️ Art Teasers

☑️ Launch NFTatts Discord

☑️How to Crypto:

  • Dedicated Discord channel to educate beginners and support NFT adoption


🩸Phase 2: Ink 

☑️   Presale Mint Starts

☑️   Airdrops and Giveaways

  • Private Live Illustration Sessions for NFTatts holders (request tattoo designs on the spot)

  • Continue to grow discord and do giveaways 

🏴‍☠️Phase 3: Permanent Tatts-Tribe 

  • Whitelist Mint

  • Public Mint

  • Once sold out public sales on Magic Eden

  • Start buying for the community BlueChip NFT Vault

🖼Phase 4: NFT Gallery Generator 

  • Build a unique twitter banner that will plug directly into your wallet allowing you to display your favorite NFTs (including from the NFTatt bluechip vault) in a hand drawn NFTatts style. (visual example to the right)

  • Encourage Community Participation and input for future projects.


🎗Phase 5: Tatts Giveback 

  • NFTatts holders come together to help our planet in need 5% of the mint proceeds will be donated to an environmental organization. NFTatts holders vote on which organization in Discord.

🌐Phase 6:

Tatt the metaverse

  • Metaverse integration for custom skins and apparel (platform to be decided on in discord).

royalty distribution

NFTatts will have a 7.77% Royalty on the secondary sales which will be used to giveback to the community


example: nft gallery

TwitterBanner -01.jpg

Holders gain access to our gallery generator so you can plug in your wallet and showcase your favorite NFTs on Twitter!


AS seen on


about the creator

I'm an illustrator and designer who is passionate about creating illustrations, connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, and seeking inspiration from this wild, rad planet that we get to explore. 


Avid illustrator

I create designs daily for fans on social and now you can own these designs on the blockchain! 

adventure Seeker

When I'm not drawing, I love to get outside in nature, especially when the surf is pumping

Baller dude

Most teams who make NFTs are anonymous, I want to be as transparent as possible. When you buy an NFTatt you're investing in something that I am committed to growing (for years to come), and I always love to connect and hear your thoughts and feedback



why on solana blockchain?

Solana is a layer one black-chain that is proof of stake, making it one of the most environmental friendly blockchains out there! Not only that, but Solana is fast and has next to zero fees to buy and sell NFTatts.

how do I set up a wallet to buy?

A few steps on how to buy NFTatts:

1. Buy Solana on a crypto exchange of your choice 

2. Set up a Phantom wallet and transfer funds to your wallet from your crypto exchange 

3. Buy/mint NfTatt and it will appear in your wallet
Link to a 1 min video on how to do all 3 steps above.

👾Learn more about NFTs and Crypto in our channel how-to-crypto in Discord

when do they drop?

NFTatts will drop in Q1 in 2022. Final date will be announced in our Discord and on Twitter.
Once sold out they will be available on @magiceden  @digitaleyes, @solport and @solsea

how many nftatts?

Total max supply of NFTatts is 2250. Every NFTatts was hand drawn and no A.I. was used to generate these NFT’s.  



Love to connect with other creatives, entrepreneurs and degens





5 GOLD-09

5 GOLD-09